Aliens Suck at Music.

I just finished reading “Year Zero,” a humorous science fiction novel. Overall I give it three and a half stars out of five. Parts of it I loved, but a lot of it bordered on too silly. Plus I’m not a fan of long footnotes, especially when the footnote takes up more page space than the story text. The author used them for added humorous asides to the text, but eventually they pulled me out of the story too much and I stopped reading them.  Anyway, two things I did love about this book. First, the opening line: “Aliens suck at music.” That line kept me reading until the end. And there were enough genuinely funny sections to sustain my interest. The other thing that I loved was the ending where it turned out Bill Gates was an alien who was committed to saving mankind by slowing our tech advances. Apparently four out of five species destroy themselves once they reach a certain technological level. Bill Gates has been slowing our progress so that we have time to mature as a society so we can handle the tech power responsibly. His vehicle for doing this is Windows. He said he almost gave the game away with Vista so that he had to make up for it with Windows 8 and 9. But watch out for the next version.

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