Getting Motivated After the Holidays

I am out of excuses. The next holiday is Valentine’s Day and I can’t conceivably extend my holiday half-day work schedule until then. I have to go back to my normal 50 hour work week and quit putting things off. But my fingers don’t want to cooperate on the keyboard, and I can hear the siren call from several books I got for Christmas. I need to focus, and I’m finding it impossible. There are so many things I have to do but there are also so many things I want to do. First and foremost, I want to start a new novel. I want to dive in and lose myself in the depths of a first draft. I also want to create a couple of new apps I’ve thought of that I think have a lot of marketing potential. I also want to check things off my To Do list without actually spending the time to do them. I just want them done. Has anyone figured that one out yet?

Unfortunately, my lotto ticket didn’t win so I need to get some of my freelance jobs cleared away. The looming holiday bills should be motivation enough, but for some reason, this time, the possibility of debtor’s prison lacks it’s usual kick-start factor. Maybe it’s been too long since I last read a Regency. Whatever the reason, I need to come up with a new motivation system to get back to work. So this year I’ve decided to try the carrot instead of the stick. I’m going to reward myself with something I want to do after I finish something I have to do. After I finish each freelance job I get to pick from my goodies list.

  1. Read 5 chapters of a new book
  2. Sketch out a scene for a new app
  3. Review my idea file for a new novel to write
  4. Spend an hour thinking about a novel idea
  5. Watch an episode of Warehouse 13 which I recorded two months ago.
  6. Meet a friend for coffee
  7. Go see the Van Gogh exhibit (okay I already have a ticket for that so I better get something major done this week to justify it)
  8. Play fetch with my dog
  9. Spend an hour on my “Quantum Striker” edit, which has been waiting for over a year for me to get back to
  10. Take a nap

I can always add to it when I think of other things, but it’s a good list to start with. In fact I think I’ll do number 10 this afternoon. I better get something done by lunchtime to justify it. Back to work.

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