Is it a Cheat?

Does anyone remember way back when Dallas was first on TV and Bobby Ewing showed up in the shower proving the story line about his murder was all a dream by his wife? I remember how cheated I felt at the time—betrayed by the writers. Ever since then, anytime a TV show, movie, or book used a dream as an explanation for fooling the viewer or reader I have felt cheated. Now I’m faced with the exception that proves the rule. I guess there’s always one. Tonight I watched the season premiere for Eureka, one of my favorite science fiction shows. The dialogue is always great, the story lines are thought-provoking and the characters are fun. I enjoy the way Sheriff Carter’s common sense makes the connections that solves the mysteries often trumping the scientists. And from the beginning I have rooted for his obvious love for Alison. Last season they finally got together only to be torn apart in the season finale when she was trapped on the spaceship going to Titan. Tonight the ship suddenly returns to Earth, but 4 years have past. Carter is now in a relationship with Jo. I felt really bad. I couldn’t believe it. The one constant about his character was his love for Alison. I kept thinking during the show that he would feel that pull again and realize he had never stopped loving her. It just didn’t feel right that he could love someone besides Alison. The episode was interesting with the group having to defeat a HAL-like takeover of Global Dynamics, but I was still feeling let down when suddenly it became clear that  it was all a dream. The members on the space ship had been hijacked by Beverly and her group and are all mind-linked to the dream so that the bad guys can use their brains for their own purposes. I was so relieved it wasn’t true, that four years hadn’t passed, that Carter wasn’t in a relationship with Jo, that there was a chance they could be rescued because I know Carter and Henry won’t quit until they find their loved ones. So I guess a dream can work when you really don’t want the reality it presents. I want Carter and Alison together and I’m willing to accept it was all a dream to make it so. And I will be so relieved if that happens that I won’t care if it was a cheat.

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