It Takes a Group to Enjoy a Story

I can hear you saying, of course it doesn’t. Reading books is usually a solitary experience, unless you’re reading bedtime stories to your kids. I enjoy the books I read on my own, however, I think my experience is enhanced when I can then discuss the book with someone else. It heightens the pleasure to share the details, to compare what parts you liked the best, what you didn’t like, and whether (or at what point) you guessed what was going to happen. It lets you relive what you enjoyed. This was brought home to me when I watched a couple of movies Saturday night with some friends. Even though we had all seen the movies before, it was fun to see them again and talk about what we liked about them—to remember parts we had forgotten and to hear lines we had missed before. Good stories always give you more each time you read, or watch them. There are new discoveries to be made. And enjoyment shared is multiplied.

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