Learning Something New

CoyoteA coyote came by today. I watched it trot down the drive and disappear in the corner behind a tree near the fence. Since I couldn’t see it anymore I walked away from the window and went into the kitchen for a glass of water. When I returned, I moved the curtains aside to look out the window again to see if I could spot the coyote. It was right in front of the window, about 5-7 feet away. I startled it when I pushed the curtains aside and it jumped back and looked up at me with ice blue eyes. We stared at each other for about 10 seconds then it scampered away, out of sight. It looked young to me, not full grown. And I was started by the eye color. I thought coyotes had yellow or golden colored eyes, so I checked with Google. It turns out that young coyotes have blue eyes, and then they change to yellow, gold, or brown when they get older. Some adult coyotes have blue eyes, but it’s rare. The eye color confirmed that this was a young coyote. The photo I posted here is actually one I took last year. The one I saw today was about 3/4 ths this size. Not as furry and much skinnier. And a whole lot closer.

After reading about coyotes, I thought how nice it was to learn something new. That’s the one thing I miss about getting older. Okay, not the only thing, but one of the things I miss—not going to school anymore. I liked learning. I hated tests, but I liked learning. It’s fun to find out how things work, about different cultures, history—it’s interesting. Learning something new gives me a bit of a buzz. Now I know something I didn’t know before. It sparks my brain. When I was a kid and we had a question about something we’d pull out the encyclopedia (I still hear Jiminy Cricket sing the word encyclopedia whenever I need to spell it) and look it up. Now I have Google. I love instant access to information. It’s good to keep learning. It touches something young inside me. Give it a try. You might find yourself youthening—which is a valid word. Try Googling it.

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