The chains were overkill. What the hell did they think I could do butt naked in the hold of a spaceship? I’m good, but nobody’s that good.
The only times I got caught in the past were when I made a dumb mistake. Did I make a dumb mistake? Let’s see—chains, naked, ship’s hold—yep. Dumb mistake.

It should have been an easy scam. King murdered, rumors of a legitimate heir hidden at birth, a secret fortune only the heir can access. Oh the romance of it all. Gets the suckers every time. But eighteen-year-old scam artist Griz discovers impersonating the lost heir could have deadly consequences when he is kidnapped and taken to the planet, Habu.
Colas, a mercenary warlord, wants the source of all power, which only the true heir can access by passing three ancient tests. When Griz discovers the tests are of the pass or die variety, he enlists Gschu, an attractive serving girl who knows a lot about the royal house. But not everyone is pleased with the heir’s return and Gschu has secrets of her own.

Readers of young adult science fiction will enjoy Griz’s adventures in the techno-phobic world of Habu. The Arabian Nights fantasy touches add spice to his budding romance with Gschu. However, like any scam artist who relies on his wits, Griz finds out that smarts aren’t enough when your heart and conscience tip the scales.