The Art of Digging


Sunday was another play date for Bo and his girlfriend, Sadie. They quickly resumed excavating their den in the dog run. I was impressed to see how Bo handled the accumulated dirt. When the pile got too high he stood on top of it and his back paws industriously kicked the pile of dirt so that it spread over a larger area. That let him continue excavating the den without the discard pile getting in the way. It never occurred to me that he would know to do that, but after thinking about it, animals that dig must have a system for it. Sadie seemed content to watch her man work, although occasionally she lent a paw.

Bo and Sadie digging 1 Bo and Sadie digging 2 Bo and Sadie digging 3

It was interesting to see them working and playing together. They invented a new game, which I called I’ve Got It and You Don’t. Sadie found one of Bo’s balls and started squeaking it. Bo immediately ran over and took it out of her mouth. She ran after him, grab the ball out of his mouth and high-tailed it out of there. Bo chased her, retrieved the ball and the game continued. I tried throwing a second ball into the mix but they ignored it. The game was getting the ball away from the other one. Eventually, I had to take the ball away as it started to get a little too aggressive for my furniture. But then they started it again with a leaf Bo picked up from the floor. They had knocked it off of my Christmas cactus during their rough housing. Sadie leaned over and took it away from him. Version 2 of I’ve Got It and You Don’t.

They are funny together. Sadie licks Bo’s head so much his fur hangs in wet dread locks. It’s a little hard to see in this photo but if you look at the fur around his neck you can see the drooping ringlets. Bo always smells like rain-soaked dog within 10 minutes of Sadie’s arrival. But I put up with it because, as you can see, they really care for each other.

Bo and Sadie

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