Jumping Bo

Bo leap with tape measureSix foot mark shownBo photo

I took these photos last week when we had the first heavy snowfall of the year (can anyone say “drought?”). I’m constantly amazed at Bo’s athletic ability. Looking at the jump marks I estimated he leaped a distance of 4 feet. I was off by 2. He jumped 6 feet without even trying.

Bo likes to leap. If you’ve ever seen the cartoon character Pepé Le Pew, that’s what he looks like when he bounds over the ground. He seems to spring straight up, hover for a couple of seconds, and then come down. I wish I could take a video of him doing it sometime. He’s so much fun to watch. Usually he jumps like that when he sees a squirrel. I think he leaps so high so he can get a better view of his prey. Last week he was jumping for the shear joy of it—no squirrel in sight. I bet he could leaped even farther if he’d been after something furry.

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