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Days of Blood and Starlight coverI finally had a chance to read Lani Taylor’s Days of Blood & Starlight. I’ve had the book for a couple of months, but I wanted to re-read her first book in the trilogy, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, to refresh my memory of what had happened. Plus, I enjoyed the first book so much I wanted to savor the writing again. I’m glad I did that because I had forgotten some subtle clues from the first book that start to bear fruit in the second book. I had finished the first book last week and I was waiting for an opportunity to start the second one. I wanted more than five or ten minutes here or there, divided between bathroom breaks and meal times. I wanted a couple of hours where I could read a chunk. I didn’t want to nibble, I wanted to gorge myself on Lani’s beautiful writing. Mother Nature obliged to give me a snow day and I seized it with the joy of a fourth grader given a day off from school.

The second book is haunting me. I know I’m going to be thinking about it for weeks. It’s a lot more grim than the first book. The writing doesn’t have as much of the lyrical beauty as the first book, but then the situation is darker. There are light moments, however, supplied by her friends, Zuzana and Mik. (I’m so glad they’re in book two.) But my heart ached for Karou. Several scenes brought me to tears. The end of the book, though, left me with hope. Hope that the chimaera and the Misbegotten can somehow come together and stop the angels. That there are enough of those tired of war and death on both sides and that they can show the rest there is another way to live. It makes me wonder if it is possible for people throughout our world to see that there are other choices if they would only open their eyes to them. While there is life, there is hope.

I hope Lani Taylor brings out book three this fall. I can’t wait.

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