Things I’m Thankful For

With Thanksgiving just past it’s a welcome relief to think of things that I am thankful for, especially after the recent election and barrage of negative ads. I’m thankful the election is over and President Barack Obama has four more years to continue moving this country in the right direction.

I’ve worked in cubicles, I’ve worked in offices, I’ve done data entry, I’ve piped frosting on Easter eggs, I’ve colored maps, and I’ve clean rooms at Knight’s Inn. I’m thankful that now I write, illustrate, and design children’s books and apps. Can I just say—I love my job. I love my job. I love my job. And, in case you weren’t sure, I love my job.

Photo of my dog Bo

I’m thankful I have Bo who makes me laugh everyday. A day without laughter is a very long day.

I’m thankful for good books, good movies, and good TV that lets me escape into my imagination.

photo of critique group

I’m thankful for good friends.

I’m thankful for technology that lets me do in minutes what used to take me hours.

I’m thankful I’m a better editor now that I don’t have to type my manuscripts on a typewriter with carbon paper.

I’m thankful for many wonderful memories of new experiences, and of times shared with family and friends.

I’m thankful for things that make me think—that kick me out of my complacency and shake up my world.

I’m thankful for sunsets.

sunset photo

What are you thankful for?


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